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  • Windows 10 Forced Upgrade: Fighting Decades-Long Institutional Insanity Feb 3 One of the funniest events I've ever been to was a talk given by a Microsoft executive at the company's Mountain View facility, years ago. About halfway through the talk, his PC, which was showing the PowerPoint presentation, flashed a notice that in one minute it was going to initiate a patch process. There was nothing anyone could do, apparently, to stop this. Right on schedule, sixty seconds later, the huge screen went black and the speaker had to wing most of the rest of his talk while the audience laughed at his expense.
  • The Magic Behind IBM Champions Feb 1 I'm at IBM Connect 2016 this week, and I was fascinated to watch the pre-event images pass across the screen identifying IBM Champions. These aren't IBM employees but IBM advocates inside IBM customer companies. These are folks who are elected to these positions for extraordinary efforts. I'm very impressed with this effort, largely because this was my idea, not at IBM unfortunately, but at Microsoft. The reason I'm seeing IBM Champions but not Microsoft Champions showcases the contrast between idea and execution. Let me explain.
  • Did Cisco Prove Bill Gates Wrong on Social Responsibility? Jan 29 Years ago, I watched with interest Bill Gates come to the conclusion that his next big effort wouldn't be a new technology product. Instead, it would be finding ways to help areas and people, both foreign and domestic, that needed it. His foundation has since been a powerful platform for change. Many argued that he could have been far more effective as CEO of Microsoft. He realized at the time, though, that he couldn't split his focus. Conversely, Steve Jobs stopped all philanthropic efforts at Apple, believing investors wanted to make those decisions themselves and that his job was to get them the money to do so. David Roman, who is now Lenovo's CMO, while at HP found a way to creatively blend marketing with celebrity philanthropy to further HP's marketing and philanthropic goals. It remains one of the most creative yet unrepeated efforts in the market today.

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  • Smart Email and the Path to Digital Immortality TechNewsWorld | Feb 8 I attended IBM Connect last week, where I checked out one of the most interesting products you've likely never heard of -- a new email offering called "IBM Verse." While there was a lot of discussion about how it better integrated social networking, what really intrigued me was the idea of putting cognitive computing inside an email client.
  • Can IBM redefine the future of email? CIO | Feb 5 IBM may have a great product in Verse, but columnist Rob Enderle writes that if Big Blue can't figure out how to market this powerful email offering, it will never rise to its potential.
  • AMD And The Forgotten Benefits Of The Desktop PC TG Daily | Feb 5 One of the interesting things I've been observing with regard to the near forced march to mobile devices is the increased need for a desktop computer where you can just sit and get work done. With all of the background sync capability in the various platforms provided by Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and others the old annoying problems of keeping you files in sync across multiple devices is pretty much over. You can pretty easily start creation on one device today and finish it on another.
  • AMD Goes All Out For Mid-Range Gaming techspective | Feb 5 There are three problems with chasing the most high-performance systems. 1) They tend to be wicked expensive—easily costing up to $5K. 2) They tend to stop being the fastest reasonably quickly given technology cycles nearly every 6 months. 3) They really don't give you much of an advantage unless you are pro.

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Rob Enderle on…

Facebook and its mobile efforts

"They are generating revenue without [angering] users. This is very difficult on small screens. And Facebook, in an impressively short period of time, has gone from clueless on mobile to what is likely the best example of how to do this right, based on their financial results"

Facebook masters mobile, carrying company to record earnings Computerworld

Apple and the iPhone's flat sales

"This is one of the ugliest quarters I've seen for the company. They are trying to get investors to see them as more diversified, but with the vast majority of the revenue tied to the iPhone and the other areas also showing weakness, they likely won't be very successful."

Apple Posts Another Record Quarter, but iPhone Sales Flatten eWeek

VC funding and the tech sector

"Tech provides a very visible and substantial return. Technology seems to offer much better returns than other industries such as pharmaceuticals, health care, automotive and transportation in general."

VC funding in 2015 was highest since dot-com era despite valuation fears San Jose Mercury News


"Google is still excessively distracted. They have never been able to find a technology they didn't want to invest in and continue to have the focus of a small child on lots of sugar."

Alphabet in 2016: Should You Buy GOOG Stock? US News & World Report

Yahoo and its potential forthcoming layoffs and overall internal problems

"Yahoo is in a layoff spiral ... At some point they have to get ahead of these layoffs and stop doing them. It's one of the things that is killing the company ... The problem with Yahoo is, it's still not clear what it wants to be when it grows up."

Layoffs looming at Yahoo SF Gate

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