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  • Google's Employee Manifesto Failure: Fixing Discrimination Should Start with Analysis Aug 9 Google has fired the employee who wrote a manifesto critical of Google management, taking a largely untenable sexist position. Firing him was largely a mistake, in my view, because that act likely didn't do anything but drive related positions underground. This is far from a simple issue that can be fixed with a termination.
  • IBM Moves to Scale Deep Learning Aug 8 Last night, IBM made an interesting announcement. IBM Labs had come up with a new software method to massively reduce the increased inefficiencies when adding GPUs to a deep learning process. Using a highly tuned combination of NVLink and InfiniBand, they effectively took what was a wall and turned it into a big door. This effort showcases the very real benefits of a dedicated R&D function, the powerful partnership with NVIDIA, and that IBM's focus on Cognitive Computing is likely to start paying off well. Let's start with the announcement and work into the other areas this week.
  • HBO Hack: How Did They Let It Happen? Aug 4 When I read that hackers had taken over a terabyte of movies and other files from HBO, putting one of its most valuable properties, Game of Thrones, at risk, I wondered: How do you not notice that suddenly over a terabyte of data connected to highly confidential properties is being siphoned out of a company? Given the commentary from the hackers, I'd bet money that this will eventually be traced to some summer intern (at least that's where I'd start). After the Sony hack, firms like HBO were all supposed to put in file access controls and monitors like Varonis, put in aggressive network monitoring capability, and make sure that physical storage media isn't making it in and out of sites (granted, with SSD cards starting to get to terabyte capacity, this last is getting more difficult).

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Rob’s Articles

  • The Intel Car Could Revolutionise The Automotive Market TG Daily | Aug 10 Intel announced they would be building 100 cars to showcase their level 4 self-driving car prowess. I've been an advocate of technology vendors like Intel and NVIDIA building their own cars because the technology must change car designs rapidly if level 4 and 5 cars are to be viable on the road quickly. And, buyers are still a bit undecided when it comes to giving up driving, so it is important desire for these cars starts growing so the result isn't like the first use of voice in a car, rather than embracing it, folks run from it. Assuring people want autonomous cars will go a long way towards rapidly growing the resulting market and we aren't there yet.
  • Windows 10 finally has become an adult product with a child's heart Computerworld | Aug 8 Windows 10 is maturing to finally place the needs of the user in the forefront again.
  • While You Wait: 4 Potentially Higher-Status Alternatives to the iPhone 8 TechNewsWorld | Aug 7 At a rumored US$1,400 sale price the coming iPhone 8 likely will test just how much people are willing to pay for a new phone -- particularly, how much parents are willing to fork over for their kids. While iPhones once conveyed status and sense of luxury, similar to a brand like Cadillac, pretty much everyone and their brother has iPhones today.
  • HP's Backpack PCs: Evolving into Cyborgs techspective | Aug 5 HP has brought out two backpack computers, one for consumers wanting a far better gaming virtual reality (VR) experience, and one for engineers, designers, architects, graphics artists, and the military that want to be able to create simulations in real world settings. Physically attaching these things to people however really is part of roadmap towards what is termed the singularity and potentially creates an opportunity for solutions that better blend people and machines.

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Rob Enderle on…

Intel's earnings

"These are surprisingly strong earnings and on top of AMD's exceptionally strong results are showcasing good health for the segment. Since both firms' performance showcase increased confidence by the equipment makers, who are increasing manufacturing volume, these are indicators that the year may be exceptionally strong."

Intel: It's in the chips as results top forecasts San Jose Mercury News

Netflix's international growth

"That is what you want to see, subscriber growth. Their international efforts are paying dividends right now."

Netflix subscribers top 100 million MSN

The Hyperloop One

"The Wright Brothers' 'Kitty Hawk' was a test of concept, not a practical vehicle—and at this phase, so is Hyperloop. Before Kitty Hawk, the idea of heavier-than-air flying was debated. After, it was whether it could be made practical—not whether it would work. We now know it works. We don't yet know if it is practical."

Hyperloop One Test: Beginning of a New Transportation Era? TechNewsWorld

Capgemini's survey findings on customer experience

[The survey's core finding is that firms that focus on loyalty and use digital technologies to close the gap did better, Enderle noted.] "This isn't multiple choice. The focus on loyalty is the more important driver. Digital isn't a magic pill that fixes bad customer practices."

Consumers Will Pay to Be Pleased: Survey CRM Buyer

HPE's The Machine supercomputer

"A new architecture like this has a path to market that is measured in decades.…HPE's ability to launch a product is extremely doubtful both because it is very difficult and because HPE hasn't even been able to showcase executive stability of late. The resources needed to bring this to market would be massive and the initial available market very limited."

Will HPE Make Good on Its Big Vision for The Machine? CMS Wire

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