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  • Cameyo—the new alternative to Citrix Computerworld | Jul 3 With the pandemic still raging, desktop virtualization is an important option for companies. And while Citrix might be better known, Cameyo may be the better answer.
  • The Coming Social Media Nightmare techspective | Jul 3 Dell Technologies leader looks into the future and talks about inflection points (he called them acceleration points) that have primarily changed how companies will be run differently going forward.
  • Dell's Jeff Clarke Explains What Enterprises Need To Do to Survive eWeek | Jul 2 When the social media companies initially came to market, they had few controls either externally or internally. The result was that an impressive number of people lost their jobs sharing inappropriate ideas and the companies discovered that governments weren’t very fond of this activity and began to think about regulating them. Besides, advertisers didn’t want their brands connected to socially unacceptable posts. As a result, these firms had to move to provide moderation at scale so they wouldn’t lose those advertisers and to reduce the probability that a government, foreign or domestic, would either shut them down or hit them with a massive fine (this one was for a security breach).
  • HP And Imagining A Better Tomorrow TG Daily | Jul 1 HP released its annual Sustainable Impact Report last week, and it is an interesting read. One phrase jumped out at me, though, and that was their CEO, Enrique Lores when he said: “There has never been a better time for all of us to imagine the future we want to create together.” You see technology companies, at least those that are and want to remain successful, don’t build for the world of today, but the world they hope will exist when a product under development comes to market. Now, up until relatively recently, that just meant that the market wanted to buy the thing. But now, due to the various world problems, they are pivoting to imaging a better world. HP is arguably the leader in this effort, with some of the most impressive progress. This progress, just so you know it has another benefit, has been connected to $1.6B in additional revenue for the company. So you can do well by doing good, very well indeed.

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Rob Enderle on…

Dell exploring options for its VMware stake

“My guess is [Dell is] looking at the structural ownership of the company so that he is able to [take one or both companies private] far more quickly than a company as complex as Dell would typically be able to do.” [He would explore options such as replacing executive leadership, rather than another transaction, if he had VMWare performance concerns.]

Dell Technologies weighs future of VMware stake Austin American-Statesman

Google's $175M racial equality fund

“If Google genuinely wanted to make a difference, it would use its technology and resources to protect black jobs, black reputations and particularly black children. It would ... use its voice and technical capabilities to help people of color achieve better lives.”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announces $175M fund to promote racial equality SiliconANGLE

IBM’s decision to abandon facial recognition

[The decision shows us that IBM has one of the strongest ethical policies of any technology company.] “The current leadership recognizes that when the company loses track of what’s right, it almost always ends badly, and so if something appears wrong, they’ll avoid it.”

IBM to stop selling facial recognition technology SiliconANGLE

The lawsuit filed against Google for tracking people who used Chrome’s Incognito mode

[The lawsuit] “looks solid. Large companies often find creative ways around laws and then convince themselves that they'll get away with questionable practices. That seems to be the case here.”

Google Sued for Tracking Chrome Users While Incognito TechNewsWorld

Zoom's COVID-19 growth, half of which was customers paying month-to-month

“It's a reminder that Zoom is seeing an unusual spike during what we hope will be a relatively short term event. Once you don't have to socially distance as aggressively anymore, a lot of folks are going to want to go back to meeting in person.”

Zoom Earnings Soar As Video Meets Become Pandemic Norm AFP

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After leaving Intel, Mary consulted with top tier companies on branding and web design including Dolby Laboratories, Gateway Computers, Advanced Micro Devices, Intel and Kodak Gallery.

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